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Hi, We’re Daye

We're on a mission to close the gender pain gap

We’re starting with a simple, frequently overlooked product, the tampon, to solve a big, frequently overlooked problem, period pain (which affects 9 out of 10 women in the UK). That’s why our first product is ultra soothing CBD tampons.

So why CBD? Allow us to nerd-out a bit. Unlike THC, CBD is non-addictive and no, it's not weed and it won't get you high. CBD has been proven safe to use in the vaginal canal, and the vaginal canal has the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors, making it the best place to absorb the compound.

Researchers essentially banned women from participating in clinical trials until 1993, and since further clinical trials for over-the-counter medications aren’t required by law, most oral painkillers on the market today have never been tested on women. Pain-relief in pink boxes is basically overpriced headache medication, designed for the male physiology.

Our CBD tampons act where you need them most. But it’s not just about where you apply CBD, it’s about potency too. While most CBD products currently on the market only contain an average of 5% CBD, we know from independent research and our own clinical trials that this amount is not sufficient. That’s why our tampons have a CBD concentration of 30%.

We know CBD is having its 15 minutes of fame right now, but we’re not one of those companies who thinks you should add it to everything, from your dry shampoo to your cocktails. We take our role in the femcare industry seriously. That’s why we’re the first tampon company to conduct extensive clinical studies on our tampons, as well as lab-test every batch of fibre and CBD we use.

We want to leave an impact, not a trace

We want to leave an impact, not a trace, so we designed our packaging to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 97% of tampons on the market today are made of plastic, and as most of us break the no-flushing rule, they inevitably end up choking a turtle or changing the shape of the Thames. No small feat for such a small product.

We spent a lot of time conducting material innovation and analysing the life-cycle of our sustainable packaging, which includes renewably sourced sugarcane applicators, water-soluble paper wrappers, a compostable refill pouch and recycled paper mailers. Our mission isn't only to close the gender pain gap, we want to relieve the burden period care places on the environment too.

Did you know that even though tampons go inside your vagina, they’re currently less regulated than plasters and hand sanitiser? Since we don’t believe in cutting corners, we’re producing our own manufacturing machines, which are housed in a pharma-grade environment, and introducing strict cleanliness and safety production standards. We treat our tampons as medical devices and sanitise them every step of the way, up until the final packaging stage.

We’re a small team of risk takers and thoughtful decision makers, inspired by female intuition and driven by the lack of innovation in women’s health. We’re not here to complain about the way the world is: we’re here to do something about the taboo of female pain and move forward.

It’s time to break the vicious cycle of gender siloed experiences when it comes to menstruation, because the only way to move female health forward is to include everyone in the dialogue.

Following the launch of our female health educational content platform, Vitals, we have plans of releasing our first period care product to London consumers in autumn, along with a female health and analytics app.

Our tools are here to deepen your understanding of your body.

Our tools are here to deepen your understanding of your body. We’re not trying to define what healthy should mean for you, we’re here to emphasise the importance of health on your terms.

And now, we’d like to thank our sponsors (just kidding, we didn’t get funding for free. This was a standard equity deal). We consider ourselves lucky to have the backing of three great funds: Index, Kindred and Khosla. Our research has been supported largely by the Center for Applied Science and Innovation at the Sofia University, Faculty of Biology.

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To a new Daye in women’s health,

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